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Candy Bag

Candy bag is a collaborative project, created  with designer Maria Kukushkina. The requirement of the client was to design 2-3 variants of a bag for a young mother for different life situations, or 1 bag, that will meet all the needs. Together with my partner, we started work on the project with observation and interviews with young mothers, their friends and relatives. 

The main features were noticed as a start point for the design: 

    • multifunctionality and transformation
    • easy access to inner compartments (while holding the baby)
    • combination of fasteners (shoulder bag, backpack bag, carriage)
    • clear division of space inside the bag (compatrment for A4 documents, bottle, dirty and clean tuff etc) 

      The Candy Bag  is created for modern woman with a new status. It is an organizer of everyday life with a child which arranges all the necessary items for a mother and a baby.